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Macarons with White Chocolate and Raspberry
Makes 35


  1. Make one recipe of White Chocolate Ganache first as it needs time to chill in the fridge before using in this White Chocolate Macarons.

How to make the Raspberry Macarons

  1. Make the Raspberry Macaron Shells following this recipe for Basic Macaron Shells.

    In step 6, add some pink gel food coloring for pink colored macaron shells.

  2. If you have overbaked the macarons or if you would like to speed up the process of maturation of macarons, dip the bottoms of each macaron into some syrup, or condensed milk before filling.

Assemble the White Chocolate Raspberry Macarons

  1. Then, fill a piping bag fitted with a large round tip and pipe a ring on the bottom of 1/2 of macarons, trying not to go too close to the edge of the macaron shell.

  2. Put a raspberry inside the piped white chocolate ganache ring and cover with a matching by size other half. Ideally, you want the filling not to come out further than the edges of the macaron shells.

  3. Refrigerate, tightly covered for at least 24-48 hours for best flavor and texture.

Basic Macaron Shells - Sift together twice
• 7.5 oz (212 g) almond flour
• 7.5 oz (212 g) powdered sugar
Heat 6 oz (172 g) of egg whites in the microwave in small increments until slightly warm to the touch, then divide
• 3 oz (82 g) egg whites room temperature (this will be folded into the almond mixture and form a paste)
• 3.2 oz (90 g) egg whites room temperature (this will be whipped with the Syrup)
Ingredients for the Syrup (Cook together until 248F (120C))
• 8.3 oz (236 g) granulated sugar
• 5.6 oz (158 g) water
White Chocolate Ganache Filling for Macarons
• 7 oz (200 g) white chocolate chips
• 5.3 oz (150 g) heavy cream boiling hot
• 1.4 oz (40 g) unsalted butter melted
• 2 cups (256 g) raspberries