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Steakhouse-Style Grilled Steak
By Kraft


Grill on the barbecue Dad’s favourite cut of steak (follow cooking times below). During grilling, brush steaks generously with Bull’s-Eye Barbecue Sauce.

Beef Cut and Total Cooking Time for medium-rare to medium:

Porterhouse/T-bone steak = 14-16 min.

Rib-eye steak = 11-14 min.

Filet mignon = 8-11 min.



Trim excess fat from meat to avoid flare-ups.

To preserve juices, use long-handled tongs for turning meat instead of a fork.

Preheat charcoal grills until a thin coat of gray ash covers the coals (about 30 minutes), or for gas grills, 10-15 minutes on HIGH, then turn dials down to MEDIUM-HIGH.

Let all cooked meats rest 2-3 minutes before carving to redistribute juice.


  • Steak, cut of choice
  • Bull's Eye Barbecue Sauce